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html模版 为什么英国不再被视为世界强国? 【来源龙腾网】 评论原创翻译: Nikhil Naarayan This is arguably not true. Britain harnesses considerable soft power in the world. Almost every person on the planet can point to Britain on a map, name a




Nikhil Naarayan

This is arguably not true.

Britain harnesses considerable soft power in the world. Almost every person on the planet can point to Britain on a map, name a good amount of British things, know about British culture, traditions etc. and all of this can be attributed to colonialism of the past.

Britain has a fairly decent “blue water” navy, compared to most other countries. Only comparable fleets are with the Americans, of course, and the Russians, the French and perhaps the Chinese.

Britain is an essential part of the NATO, along with the US, France and Germany. This fact is very difficult to argue against.

Britain is a nuclear state, has considerable knowledge and technology at its disposal in frontier fields of science like astronomy, quantum mechanics, bioengineering, genetic sciences, aviation, spaceflight, robotics, energy etc. In fact, if you notice carefully, you can find that a lot of key inventions and discoveries that power and drive our human civilization today were all clustered around the British Isles, France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia.






Not many countries would be capable of matching Britain in a one-on-one military battle today. It consistently features very high on global firepower and military rankings.

British people also excel in all kinds of sports and athletics as well, be it cricket, football, the Olympics and whatnot. You can rest assured, some Brit somewhere is winning awards and medals right now. They are thus, a world power in this aspect as well.

Socioeconomic factors? Political maturity and stability? Culture and tradition? Food? Influence? You name it, Britain has a foot deep in it. And it will continue to dominate for another century or so, in my opinion.

TLDR; Britain is certainly a highly dominant world power today. Of course, the world is growing hugely multi-polar and so, a lot of the previously hegemonic powers in the west seem to be losing out to what people now call the “rising powers” like China, Brazil , India etc., but I’m pretty sure that’s mostly just an illusion. They still retain a lot of their dominant positions and powers.





Ray Howell

Who by? Britain has a nuclear arsenal borne by jets, missiles and nuclear submarines, with worldwide capability. Enough to give any nation a headache. Coupled with the world’s 5th largest economy, and the ability to project power around the world, both financial and with a superbly well trained military.

What was your nonentity of a question again?



Dagfinn Aksnes

In recent times Britain is the only world power that has executed a war successfully by winning a very decisive victory over the Argentine aggressor in the Falklands, at the other side of the world, using appropriate force and top quality military personnel. Britain did this rapidly, alone and in a very professional and convincing manner.

The US and Russia/Soviet have both presided over serial military and political failures in the same time frx. Afghanistan and Viet Nam amongst others.

This speaks volumes about the position of Britain as a world power.

In addition Britain historically and currently is the number 1 world projector of soft power, again the US and Russia fail miserably also in this field.

These kind of loaded and misguided questions are just examples of the kind of trolling which unfortunately is rife on Quora.


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Leslie Dellow

We may have two ruddy great aircraft carriers, but we have a small navy. We may have the fifth largest economy in the world, but it still only represents 2.5% of global GDP. By way of contrast, the USA represents 25.8% of global GDP, China 18.2% and the EU 16.4%. 2.5% doesn’t really put us in the big league.



Depends on the criteria used.

The UK is in the top six of world economies based on GDP

The UK is in the top five militarily -and is second only to the USA in ability to project that power globally

The UK occupies one of the five permanent seats on the UN Security Council.

The UK is definitely not the super power it once was but. - based on the above - is still a major world power and still exerts much greater influence, internationally, than all but a handful of other nations.



Matthew Barrett

You have to stop asking ‘When did you stop beating your wife?’ questions. The UK may not have an empire any more (Probably a good thing) but the UK can clearly project military power across the globe when it has to; ask the Argentinians. They couldn’t hold onto a few small islands a couple of hundred miles off their coast against a force that had to come from thousands of miles away across open water.

The UK is still economically top ten, aims to be top ten in virtually every socio-economic area (education, health care, welfare etc) and is viewed as a an equal partner in the G7.

I don’t know what your definition of ‘world power’ is, but by most counties’ estimation, the UK is clearly still ‘Premier League’


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Britain like all developed nations is in relative decline as poorer nations develop

There was a time in the early fifties when half of global car exports were from Britain .

There was a time in the nineteenth century when the British economy was larger that India or China .

It is now smaller but still responsible for about 5% of world trade, quite a lot of investment and banking industry, quite a few patents and significant research papers and a large amount of defence spending - same level as Germany , France, Russia or Saudi Arabia .

it retains a security council seat as it remains a diplomatic and military force in the world however the reality is that there are better candidates for that seat , maybe India , Japan, Germany, Brazil .

The Uk is useful sitting there because it follows the usa .



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